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Focused support:
Servicing small to mid
sized businesses.

Our goal is to deliver on-brand consumer support every day, with a plethora of wide ranging services that are constantly evolving as we staff small to mid-sized businesses with our next generation business model.

International HR: From NY to Manilla, we provide streamlined hiring solutions.

We recognize talent and know what it takes to catapult a business forward. On that premise, we’re a passionate bunch with management in New York and Manilla, celebrating passion and introducing game changing jobs to dedicated individuals who align with the Hafstaff culture.

What our clients say

What our clients say

A Company culture which puts
progress front and center.


Get to know our office managers, HR elites and the software we’ve adopted to make our company more agile and our process more transparent.


Get to rest assured in our people and processes, ranging from 24 hour security, screen monitoring, rep vetting and software encryptions.


Get to experience more productive staff members via our outsourcing model that is centered around employee retention, commitment and satisfaction.

We use your tech

Here’s some of the software we use. Can’t spot yours?
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AI Makes Hiring Simpler. Real Humans. AI Technology.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with the dedication of a committed team member. It’s how we streamline training, communications, and performance.

Frequently asked questions

The simple answer is that it minimizes the wage amount, while removing the entire hassle and cost of payroll tax, employee benefits and applicable insurance. When you ditch the stresses associated with workers’ comp or unemployment claims, you can free up more time to get things done. With Hafstaff you also gain confidence and peace of mind via relying on our dedicated branch managers and HR supervisors who shoulder responsibility and ensure that agents are satisfied, productive and constantly growing.

The ease of communication with a Hafstaff agent is our seamless setup and integration. Agents are provided with VoIP phones and communicate via Whatsapp in real time, but also can be summoned to a Hafstaff powered instant Zoom link for training and follow ups.

While a majority of our locations focus on task based positions, we offer in-office and home based talented individuals for graphic design, architectural design, software development and other niche positions.

Aside for Hafstaff generated daily reports, we utilize Teramind and Time Doctor to give our clients the complete confidence in our process and services.

We usually have vetted agents on standby at all of our locations, but await client feedback post interview to assess if a special hire is required or if the in house agents surpass the requirements. With in depth IQ, technology, communication and language assessments, clients are usually very satisfied after the intial 3 interview process.

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